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Friday, October 19, 2012

Social Media Marketing Interview with Pam Perry, PR Coach on TCT Network


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  2. Keep in mind that you should always listen out to what your target audience is interested in and asking so that you can cater to their wants and needs accordingly. If you can detect what they are talking about and desiring to learn more from, then you can relate to them and create value by sharing your thoughts and company's initiatives. It's also important to note that the social media sites should not be used to pitch your products or brands but rather to connect with groups of people who have similar interests and are looking for useful information and answers.

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  3. That was a very interesting interview! It’s good to know that the PR industry is now embracing and incorporating social media into their integrated media communications plan. And she is right about social media marketing in real time. With the use of social media platforms, marketers can immediately post and share their ads in a fraction of a time. [Darryl Tay]

  4. Social media marketing is really tough, there is need to have lot of patience to start getting result from your work. Case study that you are showing really inspire me and i will continue my work

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