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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Social Media Marketing | What is Social Media Marketing or Advertising in Internet Marketing?

Top 10 Twitter Social Media Hash Tags

Social Media HashTags

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1. The most popular social media hashtag is simply #socialmedia. It is used by most marketing and social media professionals when talking about social media, usually when citing a news source or article. However, it is also used widely in sentences such as “#socialmedia is a great way to build a community around your company”.

2. #sm Another popular social media hash tag (yet used less partly because of its heteronym) #sm is used usually with the #socialmedia tag or a tag that has to do with the idea of community and conversation.

3. #social is found most often to simply connect words using a social media tag, as in “#social media is”, or “#social communities can”, or even “#social #media”.

4. #scrm is used by customer relations managers and marketers. Social customer relationship and management, deals with communicating with your customers over social media networks.

5. #hcsm is based around the Healthcare Communication & Social Media community. This hashtag deals with healthcare communication through social media avenues.

6. #smm Just as it sounds, social media marketing; a small way to fit the three words in as a last 4 character shout.

7. #socialmarketing This tag is used mostly for tagging URLs, or referencing the idea of marketing through social media communities.

8. #socialnetworking is the idea of networking (meeting others and introducing yourself) personal and business accounts through social media. Such as “LinkedIn #socialnetworking”, or “check out the new tool that helps programmers with #socialnetworking”.

9. #seo, all though not usually defined as social media, search engine optimization and social media have a lot in common. I is Usually used when dealing with social media the #seo tag follows a #socialmedia tag.

10. And last but not least, the tags for the actual social media communities, #twitter #facebook #googlebuzz #yahoo #bing #forum #blog (as you know the list goes on). These simple tags go a long way, they sponsor very broad definitions but can be used with social media tags for effectiveness.

Social Media Marketing | What is Social Media Marketing or Advertising in Internet Marketing?

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